About Me

Since 1996, I had regularly extended stays in India. On my second trip I experienced a special event that touched me so it does not release me until today. When climbing a mountain, I learned a déjà vu, where I and realized that I had to be here at former life. It opened a new door.


Back in Germany I met at a yoga center on a dancer who danced Kathak. The term of your hands and the combination of yoga and ancient Vedic knowledge touched me so much that I again made his way to India to learn exactly where this dance. My path led me to one of the most well-known dance teacher, Pandit Munna Shukla, to New Delhi, who taught at the time of the renowned Kathak Institute “Kathak Kendra” in the style of Lucknow Gharana.


Kathak is traditionally taught. In the formation of the students (Schischya) learned the old original knowledge in a live form. It is taught among other things, how the beauty of the divine is reflected in everything so used the suffistischen poet or Dervish dancers.




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