Gratitude To My Kathak Dance Mentors For Their Guidance & Support


Today, on my blog, I would like to express my gratitude for them because of whom I came to know and learn kathak. After years of practicing this dance I can say that it has brought me closer myself and it has taught me many things. It has given me insight about Indian culture, has taught me the value of guru & the morality of respecting your teacher. It has taught me to respect the power of music & the reach of sound and to respect the beauty of knowledge, which was given to me by Kathak mentors.

I remember the time when I just started to take my kathak classes under the suprior guidance of Guruji Munna Shukla in New Delhi. Even in the very initial stages, I already felt very attracted and coonected to Kathak dance and I already could do some basic steps such as tatkar in 16 beats teentaal, some footwork – lari and tihai and could dance some simple compositions like tukras and todas.

In the presence of my new teacher I started to feel a special energy that he was surrounded by and it felt like I was coming home again. He gave me a lot of inspiration, love and guidance about the essence of expression and about the musical circles, which carries us like the waves on sea.

Through the gratitude that I started to feel to my teacher, some deep connection and understanding started to open up within me. I felt lot of love and respect towards what I was doing.

It felt like the seed fell down on very nourishing earth and after a short time even the beautiful flowers became visible, the flowers which were already inside of the small seed and just needed a little nourishment, love and care.