Yoga and Kathak Dance in India
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Vinyasa Yoga and Shakti KATHAK DANCE
9. – 16. January 2012


We invite you in this retreat, a very special Shakti hard. It is possible, in addition to Vinyasa Yoga Flow Claudia Indian Klass. Kathak Dance practicing with Alena. Awareness in the movement, fluidity of movement and stillness, aesthetics, rhythm and passion meet – an exciting and wonderful complementary connection.


Kathak dance with Alena
4 x in the afternoon 2 std, 1 x in the morning 2 Std plus dance performance by Alena
seiten_fpmain_733In addition to Vinyasa Flow in the morning, where we immerse ourselves in the flow of Yoga positions (energy channels) and the training of the mind through concentration and devotion is also essential in Kathak Dance of balancing the Nadis.
seiten_fpmain_743Course Content: Learning the respective dance elements in conjunction with the breath and rhythmic percussion rhythm Wiederholungen.16 (TeenTaal) and the narrative aspect (Abhinaya) – accompanied with mudras and dance poses to guide us gently expressing different emotions (rasa).
seiten_fpmain_739Our choreography is the Shakti, the female primal force devoted particular Devi Saraswati – the goddess of beauty, inspiration, wisdom and sound.

Level Kathak Dance: All Level

Vinyasa Yoga with Claudia
6 x morgends 2,5 std, 1 x in the afternoon 1,5 std plus welcome circle plus flower mandala ritual
seiten_fpmain_703In India, Devi is revered as a goddess in its many forms. In the form of Shakti, the primordial power active in the universe it is considered as a dynamic principle and the basis for all movement.
We discover in flowing Vinyasa Yoga, the dynamism, creativity and transcendence of Shakti.
seiten_fpmain_729Explore your body temple in the interplay of Asana, Bandha, Mudra and breathing. Agni, the principle of heat, power and transformation brings you into the creative yoga sequences to a physically challenging peak.
seiten_fpmain_722To compensate for the dynamic practice lead you loose and gentle moves of regenerating Yoga Soma practice in the happiness blissful ease.
An invitation to yourself.
seiten_fpmain_728Devi Mantras help us, through the power of Bija Mantras, to connect with the energy of the respective Goddess and their various characteristics and aspects. Making a sacred space and feel the primal force within you. The course is also for Männer.Level Vinyasa Yoga: Intermediate / Advanced

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