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Kathak – classical dance from North India


Kathak translated from Sanskrit means “story”. The Kathak dancers are traditionally drawn through the country and have the stories and epics of the great writings of the simple rural folk passed.

The Kathak dance is the best-known classical dance of northern India. Its roots go back to the time in which the dance was danced as an offering to the gods in temples. Many historical events in the region have further shaped this dance. And we find today in Kathak dance z. B. a strong devotion to Lord Krishna, who is the place Madhura in connection just as influences from the time of the Mughals.

Yesterday and today dominates the dance a special form of expression of the dancer. The stories (Abhinaya) are narrated with elegant movements, rapid pirouettes, fast Fußperkussionen and a nuanced gesture language. The dancer with a music is accompanied having a pronounced exciting rhythm. The accompaniment instruments are tabla, sarangi, Sither or Santoor.

Today, Indian dance has become known here in the West vocal by Bollywood films. The Bollywood dance is a mix of classical, folk and international dance styles. They reflect the color of our motley culture.


Offer Indian classical Kathak dance:

  • Solo dance with Lila Devi
  • Lila Devi with dance group damaru
  • Lila Devi with dance group damaru with live instumental accompanied by tabla and Sithar


Offer Bollywood dance:

colored, lively choreography from various old and new Bollywood movies

  • Solo dance with Lila Devi
  • Lila Devi with dance group Bombay

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